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                  Welcome: Chuzhou kexin Machinery Technology Co., LTD
                  Language: Chinese ∷  English

                  About us

                  Chuzhou Kexin Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a private science and technology enterprise, established in 2010

                  On December 29, 2014, the company was located at No. 29, Weier Road, Zone C, Lai'an County Industrial New Area, Chuzhou City, Anhui Province,

                  The company covers an area of 40 mu, with 15000 ㎡ of main plant, adjacent to Nanluo Expressway in the west and Hehe in the south

                  Nanjing Expressway, National Highway 104, adjacent to Nanjing, has a beautiful environment and convenient transportation. Main business of the company

                  Products: machine tools, new energy equipment, environmental protection machinery design, research and development, manufacturing, mechanical equipment

                  Production, processing and sales of molds, tooling fixtures and mechanical parts. Strong technical force of the company

                  Thick, existing engineering and technical personnel account for 40%, with a full set of professional processing CNC equipment

                  Advanced CAD/CAM/CAE/UG aided design, modeling, structural optimization and manufacturing system, inspection

                  The facilities are complete.

                  Kexin Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is the China Mold Industry Association and Anhui Mold Industry Association

                  It is a member unit of China Machine Tool Association and has passed ISO9001 (2015) international quality

                  System certification. With high quality, strict management, technological innovation, high cost performance and excellent quality

                  To participate in market competition. The company is committed to revitalizing the home appliance industry and providing customers with various professional services

                  Industrial equipment and supporting molds. The company pays attention to product quality and optimized design, and strives to improve the manufacturing process

                  Detailed, I believe that with our strong technical strength and warm and honest attitude, we will be able to serve your company

                  The company provides excellent molds, products and considerate and meticulous services. Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to visit

                  Guide and negotiate cooperation.

                  I wish our cooperation a complete success!

                  Address: No. 79, Weier Road, Zone C, Lai'an Industrial New Area, Chuzhou City

                  Tel: 0550-5683885

                  Company mailbox: kxjxkj@126.com

                  Company website: http://www.elegantaccentcatering.com

                  CONTACT US

                  Contact: xiao kui WU

                  Phone: 13905503746

                  Tel: 0550-5683885

                  Email: kxjxkj@126.com

                  Add: Weier road 79 ,Economic development zone, Laian,Chuzhou,Anhui ,China.